9 of the best shows to rewatch right now - Kelly Prince Writes



  1. Posted by florencee7, — Reply

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  2. Posted by nkiacg, — Reply

    When you want to go to Harvard but end up going to Yale 🙄 ugh...life is so rough. Lollll

  3. Posted by kachunkie, — Reply

    i love how they’re watching gilmore girls

  4. Posted by cashorty05, — Reply

    u gonna skip the theme... damn

  5. Posted by hadiyaayanna, — Reply

    Why would you put string lights on your TV

  6. Posted by sisifj, — Reply

    it should be illegal to skip the gg intro

  7. Posted by julideguernicaa, — Reply

    Dean Forester😍

  8. Posted by ilovehistorysomuch, — Reply

    A vibeeeeee

  9. Posted by anuadegbite, — Reply

    I’m a slut for Gilmore girls 🥴

  10. Posted by lizzie_villalobos, — Reply

    Those candles are scaring me

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