Here’s What Happened With My 30-Day Plank Challenge



  1. Posted by jeffreyphillips1, — Reply

    I do planks for 1.5 minutes every morning. It has sculpted my obliques well and it only took about a month. Started working out again in November last year after 2 years of recovery from chemo. That stuff will knock your dick in the dirt, but necessary to treat cancer. Now in remission. Can't ask for more

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  6. Posted by harshanaik29, — Reply

    Hello, I do plank for 1 minutes 30 sec in the evening workout , reduce my body with 8 kg but don't able to burn belly fat

  7. Posted by Deepk811, — Reply

    One Plank a day or we can do it twice in a day. As you have mentioned rest. So, no planks on the rest day? Right?

  8. Posted by kg12grad, — Reply

    My brother went straight to day 29. He is 8 yo. I do not know how did he do that O_o

  9. Posted by hwilliams0620, — Reply

    Am i the only person here that just wants to say PLANKS ARE SO HARD

  10. Posted by itselisabethorwhatever, — Reply

    Does doing JUST this work to lose belly fat? (Of course I’m also dieting)

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